the "/dev/null" bank account: how to Benefit from a F.I.R.E. finical product without having 1 million dollars

I've been thinking about this problem of the power imbalance between workers and company owners. where the owner of the company is insentived to rake as much profit out of the company and not as little as possible to the workers.

The idea

Imagin  bank account which 75% of your sallery goes into every month, but in return you get a stable consistant paycheck every month, independent of job, or unimployment.

basically how this will work is pooling the risk of instability of having a job.

this is from another post i made about we work's model of realistate risk pooling.

left side:

  • in this anaology is like everyone working independely.
  • downsides: unstable paycheck, no retirment, no health insurance, etc...

right side:

  • the corpate biological organizm: gives a smooths steady paycheck
  • by pooling risk like in insurance, as a indevidual i get the benifits of scale
example of me working alone vs working in a company

whats missing?

with current corprate sturctures

you get what you messure

current corprations only messure 'work for socaity', and thus what is missed is you can have a job that pays really great but is shit to work for. or a job that pays shit and you dont get anything for your labor.

what coprations provide:

is efficancy by specailzation within the corp organizm

its more efficant to have a person specialize in how to make tires for a car than me learning how to make a tire from scratch.

how to build human centored network

build networks of authentic, safe, intersting people

unicorns that dont breed are just indajered speices

name the confermation bias'es

self actualzation:
my new company has to have a amazing network of people that build new companies as a side effect

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