How to torrent 101: for the hacker and the student

This is my writeup for my recommendations for Torrenting as of 20210509 and is subject to change [the torrent world moves fast :)

How to torrent 101: for the hacker and the student

20220505: small update ive been experensing some issues with which is really sad....

This is my writeup for my recommendations for Torrenting as of  20210509 and is subject to change [the torrent world moves fast :)],

Who is this article targeting?

This is for the mediumly paranoid:

which i define as, someone who :

  • doesn't want viruses
  • is slightly technically inclined
  • already knows how to torrent

Who is this article NOT targeting?

People who:

  • are under attack or servelance by nation states : see edward snowden
  • Lives in a country with restricted with internet.   Ex: Russia

Lets get to the meat to and potatos

Photo by muhammed [paqer / Unsplash

Websites I recommend

Uncatorized list:

For movies

For fiction audio books

For E-Books

Torrent websites:

recommendations for visiting Safely

the web browser:

Download here:

Open then click


opens up a tor incognito mode window i find it easer to use than tor browser.

For a more detailed guide id recommend

How to use Tor with Brave browser | Tech Help Knowledgebase

B) Tor browser +

(good, but..... its firefox: each her own)

for the die hard fans, more work IMO

Tor Project | Download

Browser Extenions:

Ghostery: Here

not the same as add block, it blocks the hidden tracking scripts this plus add block is a killer combo

Last step!

Download the dam torrent!

when you download a torrent your isp can see what traffic goes over its network. Comcast and AT&T are notoious for this bullish.


How to avoid please stop torrenting letter from your isp

Use a VPN!

How to download your torrent though VPN?

Well dude, why not just use tor for everything?

well tor is anonymous from all of the internet, if you just care about your ISP (internet service provider aka my internet company) using a vpn will be your best bet for speed and ease of use.

Q: Well wisemonkey, what vpn do you recommend?

A: this is like arguing over whats the worlds text editor, it. cant. be. done....


I can only recommend what ive used

(circa 2016 its been a while..) (20220505 yep its still good. and the cheepest longterm as of 20220505)



  • was vaible on almost every platfrom i tried
  • was cheap


  • cost money per month
  • was slow on my network at the time (really shitty internet = bad expernce )
  • b/c vpn will take a % of your network speed to be able to work thems the facts

OR... Roll your own:

Openvpn (advanced only for uber geeks with time on there hands)

Releases · popcorn-official/popcorn-desktop
Popcorn Time is a multi-platform, free software BitTorrent client that includes an integrated media player ( Windows / Mac / Linux ) A Butter-Project Fork - popcorn-official/popcorn-desktop


  • its 5 bucks amonth (your linux server cost)
  • unlimited bandwith
  • hides your trafic from your snooping ISP


  • only can hid traffic from your ISP (but in most cases this doesnt matter)
  • DAM setup process requires high level of tech skills. its even hard for me to setup

How To Set Up an OpenVPN Server on Ubuntu 18.04 | DigitalOcean

Resource for VPN Torrenting

r/VPNTorrents: This is for the discussion of torrenting (and similar P2P protocols) using VPN type technology.


more more!

So you want to ...

Watch torrents movie's like it was alternet version of netflix:

Drum roll please...

Popcorn time! (party poper emoji!)

how to get most up date with least scammy looking website!

get it from github!


for github these are the too i to get mac or windows 10

What the interface looks like

Nice right?

NOTE: Heads up... android mobile sucks just not worth it..

Id go so far as to say that torrenting on android is just bad all around.


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