My Journey with Raspberry Pi Pico on windows 10

My Journey with Raspberry Pi Pico on windows

My Journey with Raspberry Pi Pico on windows 10

Downloaded Thorny Python IDE for windows
Thonny, Python IDE for beginners

First Issue:

Needed to setup rpi pico for use with micropython

Solution: Upload the uboot loader for use with micro python

Second Issue:

Had an issue that I didnt know how to run code on the raspberry pi pico, here was the solution:

Select micropython as the target python environment. Boom done!

Lets fun some code!

made using
from machine import Pin
from time import sleep

led_onboard = machine.Pin(25,machine.Pin.OUT)
print("My first Blink Sketch!")
for i in range(10):

print("End of program")

Future Exploration:

Great resources

Link to awesome starter guide from the raspberry pi people

Awesome rpi pico simulator in broswer!

Wokwi - Online Arduino Simulator
Simulate Uno, Mega, FastLED, LCD1602, OLED, Potentiometer and learn from Arduino code examples

Side Quest:

Awesome machine learning at the edge platform!

Edge Impulse

this demo is awesome!


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