Roam: Turning Note-taking into a personal internet of you

Roam: Turning Note-taking into a personal internet of you

Roam : Note taking app that turns your notes into a personal internet, generating a graph!

Roam Research – A note taking tool for networked thought.
As easy to use as a word document or bulleted list, and as powerful for finding, collecting, and connecting related ideas as a graph database. Collaborate with others in real time, or store all your data locally.

Why roam?

  • Isnt it just another markdown notetaking app? Well... yes! but what sets it apart is its unstructured linking between notes that makes it scale well with thousands of notes like me (currently 2k notes!)
  • when you start to get over the 300 mark its impossible to sort and search for anything in note taking apps, and they slow down to a crawl! google keep is really great, but its not ment to handle 1GB of data!
  • Roam Solves this by turning note sorting upside down. Introduces a old and familiar concept:

This allow for sorting not based on everything tagged with the same "#idea tag" but based on groups and dependency. just like the internet works, its not the data the is valuable but its links!

See an extreme example

If you want to help me out and give some donations here's my monero address: 432ZNGoNLjTXZHz7UCJ8HLQQsRGDHXRRVLJi5yoqu719Mp31x4EQWKaQ9DCQ5p2FvjQ8mJSQHbD9WVmFNhctJsjkLVHpDEZ I use a tracker that is pravicy focused so if you block its cool, im big on blocking stuff on my own machine. im doing it to see if anyone is actualy reading my blog posts...:)