Things I've been apart of!

Big list of stuff ive been apart of over the years

Things I've been apart of!

Here is a list of things I've been a part of or got achievements for.

Circuit Launch Robotics Collab 2021

that's me rocking the Mohawk
Applications now open: Spring Robotics CoLab
Want to learn how to build and program an autonomous mobile office robot? 🤓Alongside equally passionate robotics enthusiasts? Who doesn’t, right? Our next 12 week Robotics CoLab education program session kicks off Tuesday 20April 2021. For the Spring session, our open source humanoid robot ’Rea…


1 January 2017

Student Park Availability App: 1st place prize College Track
North Bay Make-A-Thon
Gave students a way to view the number of available parking spots left in the always packed parking garages

1 January 2017

Text2buy: 4th place prize
A Craigslist for 3rd world countries using only SMS texts, where high bandwidth mobile data is not available

1 May 2021

Ai SPY: 1st place prize & bonus award
SRJC HackJam
An Ai Powered Browser Based scavenger hunt

we won first place!


GameJams SRJC 2021

HackJam 2021

GMTK 2020

Shellhacks 2020

GMTK 2019

Ramhacks 2020

GMTK 2018

Nomahacks 2019

Mini Game Jam 11 2018

DevWeek SF 2020

DevWeek SF 2019

Cruzhacks 2020

Cruzhacks 2019

Stanford Heath++ 2019

SF hacks 2019

HackDavis 2018

Make-a-thon 2017

If you want to help me out and give some donations here's my monero address: 432ZNGoNLjTXZHz7UCJ8HLQQsRGDHXRRVLJi5yoqu719Mp31x4EQWKaQ9DCQ5p2FvjQ8mJSQHbD9WVmFNhctJsjkLVHpDEZ I use a tracker that is pravicy focused so if you block its cool, im big on blocking stuff on my own machine. im doing it to see if anyone is actualy reading my blog posts...:)