American Phone Numbers: A system frozen in time:

American Phone Numbers: A system frozen in time:

This post is about me: Playing around with Phone Numbers for fun

I stumbled across this nerdy list of all the old telephone numbering system the USA uses called the North American Numbering Plan

North American Numbering Plan - Wikipedia

Here's my look at the weird stuff that is still left over from the good old Ma bell telephone days...

1) *272

Results in a really quick disconnection, im curious what its purpose was

Apparitly it was to allow for gov calls to go though when the phones are congested..hmm. Meh.

sadly all the other ones dont work eather...

Source: Vertical service code - Wikipedia

2) Fictional phone numbers...

-  555 XXXX  are fake

-  555-1212

-  555-1313

-  555-0100

through 555-0199 are reserved for fictional use

Some famous non fake phone numbers


I knew about 411, 911 (a classic), 811 (kinda)

new ones for me were:

  • 211 Local info or social services
  • 611 Telephone line repair service (archaic)
  • 711 Help for people with disabilities
  • 311 gov or non-emergency police

3) weird way to use 411 1-(aria code)-555-1212

Example: +1-495-555-1212

results: goes to 411, so also meh..

4) Trinidad and Tobago's phone code is TNT how cool!

5) Cool old shit...

TUCoPS :: Phreaking Caller ID :: anac.txt

by oran collins
oranbusiness (ascii character 64 decimal)  gmail (ascii character 46 decimal)  com

6) 710-627-4387 (710-NCS-GETS).

7) got to love government mandated websites which are legally required to exist, and not a sole has visited them in years

does have a cool map though

NANPA : Area Code Map

NANPA : North American Numbering Plan Administrator

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