Cool People/Engineers/Blogs

Cool People/Engineers/Blogs

List of awesome makers/inventors/bloggers/thought workers I've came across in my travels through the interwebz!

Last updated: 20211220

In no particular order:

Redblob Games (Amit Patel)

amazing interactive code examples

Red Blob Games
Interactive tutorials for math and algorithms

Info: [email protected] @redblobgamesblogRSS

Recommended post:

Red Blob Games: Introduction to A*
Interactive tutorial for A*, Dijkstra’s Algorithm, and other pathfinding algorithms

Justine Haupt

amazing engineer and researcher.

Portfolio and Miscellaneous
Justine Haupt’s portfolio and miscellaneous stuff.

Recommended post

Rotary Un-Smartphone
Rotary Cell Phone Kit

How a Space Engineer Justine Haupt Made Her Own Rotary Cell Phone | WIRED

Jeri Ellsworth

Founder of this cool alternative virtual reality googles for table top games

Tilt Five | Reinventing Game Night

Jeri Ellsworth
Jeri Ellsworth documents her amateur science experiments.
Jeri Ellsworth - Wikipedia

Ben krasnow (Applied Science on youtube)

Ben Krasnow


Ben Krasnow


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