OranGAN: A machine that talks like me!

I fed all my personal notes from over the past 5 years into this machine learning model, and the results... Apparently it really likes octopus's and they attack people swimming for some reason

OranGAN: A machine that talks like me!

Text Generation: My Notes => Weird Shit

I fed all my personal notes from over the past 5 years into this machine learning model, and the results...

Apparently it really likes octopus's and they attack people swimming for some reason

full quote:

Journal Captain's log November 12 2020Yesterday, while swimming in the bay, I inadvertently caused a small coral to jump out of the water. It was only about an inch long but I thought it was quite large. It pissed me off so I googled the term 'jellyfish' to try to come up with a name. 
Fast forward to today. A large coralskinned octopus, its tentacled legs, bill like arms and bright red eyes swims right at me i think unaware. And then it thrashes about trying to get its heapless pinky finger free. This happened 3 times during the next 1 hour around the bay and I thought it was going to jump out of the water, only for it to stay put and remain motionless. At this break, I pause to collect myself, taking deep breaths and try to calm my nerves. I lay back and enjoy the view of the seascapement lake, trying to process what just happened.After some reflowing my head I realize that it was the reflection off of the sienna coral. When it felt ready to attack I slowly moved my head around trying to aim where it was going to land. My aim was off by inches! With practice and practice, I learn to aim better. A few tentative pokes failed to connect with the octopus's attack

) And Adiction...

 I really want to binge right now. I don't want to go back to the one a few. I can call someone and then who feel so proud of themselves, because 'oh my god I really overcame this thing. I overcame the addiction'. This life that I'm living right now, I wouldn't feel proud of doing it. The addictive behavior would just intensify, take its toll on my life. So that's what I'm truing right now: bingeing right now, not necessarily because I waver about the decision but because I'm actually wanting to experince something, really stepping into something that I'm craving. It feels so good and like I'm really fucking passionate about i'm craving, but instead of craving this and this I'm craving tha.txt <== Speaking of fear of relapse Lol this came out of left field https://twitter.com/Shakti_Shah/status/786680763348597680
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From Jokes to Nofap ? (amused and totally confused face emoji)

NOTE: red part is me. Rest is the machine

For Reminder Nofap to work for you, you must first accept that it is part of your normal acessivity, and recovery is not your goal. Hard drive failure is 

Some more funny ones

Input: `Bread made out of corn - "whats the most Iowan"


Bread made out of corn - "whats the most Iowan"
“A bagel with butter”
micheal (@micheal

Well that got dark quickly

Veteran lady shaking hands with an old lady who had put on a 78's jacket, saying 'Is it cold in here?' " she said, laughing. "Alittle shove, and she said it was." photos by Christopher Neame Brewer talked about her childhood and her addiction issues. She has faced a difficult childhood. Her brother was killed in a caesarean section when she was just 6 months old. Her mother, who was abused, died when she was 18. After moving with her mother, she admitted to binge drinking and cutting her own hair. She sauntered to the microphone to announce her support for Prop 19, a California ballot measure that would legalize same-sex marriage. Martinez, 24, who said she is bisexual and has been in a relativistic relationship with a man, said that she wants to change tahts. But added: "It's like trying to fix a pothole on a worn-outers driveway, It takes time." To see more photos from her event, click here. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Is virtual reality the next big thing?... Muhamed Anas


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