MusicLM: What the future radio will sound like.

MusicLM: What the future radio will sound like.

i found this awesome google music generating model.

imagine turning the radio dial and everything is actual synthized based on some keywords. only humans feeding in text prompts.


Example 3
jazz song (0:00-0:15)
pop song (0:15-0:30)
rock song(0:30-0:45)
death metal song (0:45-1:00)
rap song (1:00-1:15)
string quartet with violins (1:15-1:30)
epic movie soundtrack with drums (1:30-1:45)
scottish folk song with traditional instruments (1:45-2:00)


what its trained on

How to try it for you self
Waitlist :/


by oran collins

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