How to setup dietpi [wip 20210406]

How to setup dietpi [wip 20210406]


What this tutorial is NOT: AND IS UNFISHED!

about how to flash raspberry pi's


how to install motioneye on dietpi


[How to install DietPi](

How to install DietPi - Docs

go to this tutorial

Installing remoteit on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian or Raspberry Pi OS –

sudo remoteit signin 
sudo remoteit signin --user < username> --pass <account password>
sudo remoteit register --name <name of your device>
sudo remoteit add --name <service name> --port <service port> --type <connection type> 


sudo remoteit signin --user [email protected] --pass <account password>

sudo remoteit register --name dietpi2

sudo remoteit add --name motioneye --port 8765 --type TCP 

### Cool commands to try not required for tutorial
sudo remoteit info
sudo remoteit scan

try going to webadmin pannel not totally sure it exits

flash yo shit


by oran collins

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