Not a blog post: heptabase error feedback

The issue I get is when I import my massive ~3k markdown notes collection heptabase crashes and become unresponsive.

how i imported my notes

every things seems to work fine. but then freezes

and starts eating up huge amounts of ram!

it got up to 4gb of ram!

after force quiting and retrying a import. it's registering the number of notes i have. but the app is unresponsive :/

3 mins later

7 mins later still no sucess :/

20 mins heptabase ui went white and ram went down

imported data details

Id love to get all my notes into heptabase but having it not beadeal-breakerble to import is a deal breaker 😔

My full notes folder has over 500 mbs of data. I'd love to see it import successfully into helpta base.


Please add a model for import.

something that shows progress of import this would greatly help me as a user understand where in the process the import is at

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