I found it.

I found the solution to a UI problem with note-taking to graph structure I've been looking for for the past 6 months. Flowchart.fun is the anwser

I found it.

I found the solution to a UI problem with note-taking to graph structure I've been looking for for the past 6 months!


The solution to a problem ive been looking at for a while.

How do you keep graphs and notes docs up to date..?

well, the solution is to have the indenting structure of the notes app be the data for the graph!

this app has all the major features i was looking for!


  • ✅ fractal toggle list to node graph with non-DAG features
  • ✅ click to find node in left text side
  • ✅works with large fractal notes

Missing features:

  • ❌doesnt let you have the graph side change the structure of the text side 😔
  • ❌isnt built into a notes app!
  • ❌ doesn't support markdown!

Basically it's not builtin to my note taking app .😭


dam thats a large graph lets zoom in

we can now start to see indivitual nodes! Wow thats alot of nodes!

Example of smaller tree structure

Why is this important?

It solves a UI/UX problem ive been struggling to find a solution for.


Graphs are labor intensive to create, hard to update when major structural changes occur, and dont scale well with large complexity.

Example of using two tools to make a graph diagram of a family tree

Time: about 10 min

during that time i had to keep the text in sync 3 times


Time: about  .5 mins.

Note how the graph is accually incorrect. inorder to change it only take 1 min of text editing to make it look correct! super easy.

Use cases

- Orbis product discovery process

- my dream note-taking app!

The Note taking App I want

Big goal here is to create a note taking application that merges 2 ideas.

1) Nested tree structure of notes generates instantly actionable graphs of the data

2) Collapse Visual complexity by creating whiteboards as done by Heptabase



the yet to be built application that implements these two concepts will reduce the complexity space of large datasets of notes, videos, scripts, word docs. into a level of complexity that is:

- easy to remember

- self-organizing/self-structuring

Ps: someone please build this note taking app, ill pay real money to use it!


created by Malcolm Knapp

Orbis is this cool product definition process.

it makes heavy use of fractal toggle lists

Dragging this code into Flowchart.fun results in the following

Here it automatically created a tree diagram from the indentation structure of the notion doc! super cool, and fast

Take aways

Instant Notes to Graphs is really important

flowchart.fun is a great implementation, but not useable for my idea case, its got a quite complicated DSL (domain specific language) which is not easy to use. But its a great start!  

Thanks for reading!


by oran collins

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