Church of Crypto

Conspiracy theorist + "F%#@ the government people" + Complex Technology + Mountains of money = The church of crypto

Church of Crypto

Welcome to the new religion.

Conspiracy theorist + "F%#@ the government people" + Complex Technology + Mountains of money = The church of crypto

black clothed priest sitting on a pile of bitcoins

The Church of Crypto

a tale of two extremes.

its interesting seeing the community evolve around crypto currencies like bitcoin.
i used to be a 'believer' thinking that bitcoin (keep in mind this as 2012) was going to change the world.

wheres my tacos? a man waiting at a taco truck that uses bitcoins

2023: Still cant buy tacos in bitcoin.

what gives?

Shits still way to hard to use, to complex, and way to volatile.

Sorry your taco is now 30usd, wait bitcoin just crashed its now 1 usd!

Here's my point

I want to separate

crypto the religion <– the crypto bros


crypto the technology. <- the cool stuff

is still find crypto the technology super facinating, if not plagued by the same problems of security, useablity that every new technology has.

Aside: the law of articles on crypto is every one must explain how it works. cant buck tradition 🤣

crypto is at its core a spreadsheet of transactions.

nothing more nothing less.

the only new thing

since bitcoin started was been adding a code snipit to the transactions spreadsheet (Ethereum started 2015 after i became a crypto atheist awesome tech, shitty tech priests ) but besides that nothing has been super exciting sence.

Prompt: make a scribe from the middle ages writing a book with the Ethereum logo on it

why is the community that sprung up around crypto a religion?

its got all the great hallmarks of religion.

Good founding story ✅

Incentive to spread the ghosible ✅

Feeling of being part of a shared identify group ✅

Free Snacks❌ 😭

the world religion

the word having roots in meaning holding on and being bound to a rocky ship in uncertain waters (apocryphal but i like it).

great financial crisis of 2008

was a period of especially turbulent waters.

make the waves finical Wall-Street with dollar bills as waves

the memetics of this religion take basis from the story of shady powerfully people controlling the world.

The images show the boat as if it's struggling to stay afloat in the financial waves made of dollar bills.

and crypto as the shining light that will cut through the dark,

The images show the boat as if it's struggling to stay afloat in the financial waves made of dollar bills.

if only you bind yourself to this crypto ship you TOO will be saved as the world is washed over in the 1000 year storm (central bank collapse, blah blah)

# Ponzi environment:

the incentives are all fucked up.
"I will get rich if I convince you will get rich by buying what i bought"
if YOU! yes you! have money then you can help fight the big bad banks."

sprinkle in a good memetic story of fighting the big bad banks, and you have some potent david and goliath founding story.

Here are the images of the large giant in the shape of a bank being confronted by a small person with a Bitcoin sword.

what is saddens me.

is that this type of blind faith makes for horrible investing decisions that is already 95% shit from the start.

(people are irrational creatures and emotions and firm grasp of large probabilities is what makes 'picking' the stock market nearly impossible, i digress)

back when it was simple
it was fun and exciting to talk about the potential for the "crypto technology" when it wasnt a something someone put their whole lifes savings into. (a friend's parents did this wild!)
and the stakes where loosing a few hundred bucks buying some weed online when it was illegal (California). and thats the worst that could happen.
now its getting just wild. where any project that has a vague idea is getting crazy amounts of money:

Thousands, Millions, Billions

The good old days

I want crypto to go back to just being a technology.

Slay the gods, and bring back the science and the boring techies arguing about what hash length is the best.
but you cant put a genine back in the bottle.

Crypto Atheism

Crypto without the Religion. just the tech.

join me (sarcastic voice) join the new anti cult! vanquish these heathans!(joking) and bring back the good old days of technology for technology sake.

PS: if you have more money than know what to do with

here's my monero address: 432ZNGoNLjTXZHz7UCJ8HLQQsRGDHXRRVLJi5yoqu719Mp31x4EQWKaQ9DCQ5p2FvjQ8mJSQHbD9WVmFNhctJsjkLVHpDEZ

and thus the cycle repeats! 🤣



by oran collins

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