Context Engine: Steal This Idea Volume #1

Context Engine your helpful librarian for the web You are trying to fix your car tire, but have never fix one before? google searches failed you, instead searched 'how to fix tires reddit'

Context Engine: Steal This Idea Volume #1
please i dare you. 😊🏴‍☠️

Inspired by from The Cult of Done Manifesto by bre pettis

12) If you have an idea and publish it on the internet, that counts as a ghost of done.

This is a half baked idea, and of course not actual built. yet....😉

Context Engine

your helpful librarian for the web

The Problem

You are trying to fix your car tire, but have never fix one before?
google searches failed you, instead searched 'how to fix tires reddit'
Dont know know where to start?

What google give you: a answer, to your keywords
What context engine: gives you the right question to ask.


context engine, combines that power of

collective knowledge of forums, live coding tools using English's words instead of writing code, and google powerful search engine features to find relevant resources
collaborate with past travelers who came before you down this path, by reading their discussion and findings.

With people experience people giving their advice and findings, allows everyone to solve complex and amazing problems no one person alone could

colabrative context platform
	its like using chatgpt but its public.
		all past searches are indexed
		allow people to find old 'threads' of thought
			add comments, links, pictures, code
	chatgpt code interpeter
		inline to the "thread" code generation allows for users to suggest question
			people to help find the 'Natural Language Code' input for the ml model
			example: hey instead of using the term 'blue jeans' try 'distustrial garment design pattern'

Quote from You

Bring back the librarian who could help you point you in the right direction
data is nothing without amazing digitial sherpas

How to Get Started:

Customer Quote

Customer Quote:

Provide a quote from a hypothetical customer that describes how they experienced the benefit.

wow! i couldn't find the answers to this really hard coding bug, that was undocumented in the Linux kernel, but by using contextengine™️ special thanks to dave1234 for your insitefull tip

Closing and Call to Action

Wrap it up and give pointers where the reader should go to next.

Go to

ask a question, you need the answer to that helps in your life/job/school/research

How to help out

Add a comment to a page you have experience in


  • Why is ContextEngine Better than google?

           on google: if you dont know what the KEYWORD is called, you cant find the right answer. so you dont have the right question.
  contextengine, gives higherlevel overview of a topic and give people (like a book does) background information that is relievant to understanding what the right question is to search/ask for

  •   what google give you: a answer
    What context engine: gives you the right question
  • How much does it cost?
  •     we sell ads, and running "natural language code" beyond the free credits cost money
  • Do I have to signup to post a comment?
  •    no.
  • How easy is it to sign up?
  •  Accounts have no passwords
  •       "relies on unique identifiers and, thus, does not require any personal information, even an email address."
  •   you are automatically givin a 5678-4567-9876-4345 code copy and save it. that is you 'account' code,
  •               see mullvad authentication
Mullvad’s account numbers get longer – and safer - Blog | Mullvad VPN
As of today, we are increasing the length of our account numbers to 16 digits. Customers with 12- or 13-digit numbers can continue using the service without taking any action.
  • Is this a real product?
    • No, but please build it.
      id use it. or help me build it. contact me at


how the map will actually work



by oran collins

If you want to help me out and give some donations here's my monero address: 432ZNGoNLjTXZHz7UCJ8HLQQsRGDHXRRVLJi5yoqu719Mp31x4EQWKaQ9DCQ5p2FvjQ8mJSQHbD9WVmFNhctJsjkLVHpDEZ I use a tracker that is pravicy focused so if you block its cool, im big on blocking stuff on my own machine. im doing it to see if anyone is actualy reading my blog posts...:)