Chatgpt Plugin in 5 minutes*. (V2)

Want to make a chatgpt plugin that reaches thousands of people? here's how

Chatgpt Plugin in 5 minutes*. (V2)

Want to make a chatgpt plugin that reaches thousands of people?

here's how


  • OpenAI's developer plugin Access: signup for waitlist Here =>
  • Paid subscriber to ChatGPT Plus $20 usd per month
  • Have ability's write Python code (you can use other languages this tut uses python😎)
  • Have a Replit account => signup here
  • Have a cool idea for a plugin 😁, or make a dumb idea to get the process, then make something more useful


* well not actually 5 minutes, but close

Lets begin

Fork my Chatgpt Plugin Template Replit Repository


click on "FORK"

Some context

Basic Structure of a chatgpt plugin

1) well-known/ai-plugin.json


3) openapi.yaml


 this is the configuration file for your app. it tells chatgpt's servers,

  • what your app name is
  • what it will do aka the "description"
  • what your terms of service are
  • whats the plugin logo
  • whats your developer email

heres and example from my app called "figlet", this is the plugin store

see the name, logo and description (your app code) which is a python webserver

using flask that is the heart of your app

pretty much all the intere plugin does is return text when a api endpoint is called by the chatgpt plugin



but the get request is made by chatgpt's servers


3) openapi.yaml (the hardest part of the process, because its not normal programming)

its total black magic, ML prompt engineering

here are the most important fields to get correct

Important fields to get right

example: Full code is in repo

operationId: GenerateAsciiArt
description: The text to be converted, example fonts are doom, graffiti, avatar, big, bulbhead, chunky, cybermedium, epic, graceful, small, double
          description: The font style for the ASCII art (default standard)
summary: Convert text to ASCII art, acepted characters A to Z a to z 0 to 9  - and _
example: "<pre>  __ \n / _|\n| |_ \n|  _|\n|_|  \n     \n</pre>" 

note: "example:..." give the ml model a template for how it should display to the user, otherwise the output can become inconsistant

how to create openapi.yaml using Chatgpt

copy the contents of into the prompt with the following prompt

create a openapi.yaml for the following code, include human readable descriptions
app name is "tutorialGPT".  add operationId for all endpoints
projectname = XXXXXXXXX
username = YYYYYYYYY
include the following headers
openapi: 3.0.1
  version: 'v1'
  - url: https://<projectname>.<username>
also give a example curl command


NOTE edit projectname to be <projectname>, and username to be user name from replit url

example screenshot


Example cURL command:

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"text": "John"}' https://<projectname>.<username>

Full example:

openapi: 3.0.1
  title: ChatGPTPlugin
  description: This is the API documentation for the ChatGPTPlugin.
  version: 'v1'
  - url:

      summary: Plugin Logic
      description: Endpoint for plugin logic.
      operationId: pluginLogic
          description: Successful response.
              example: "TODO PLUGIN WORKS!"

      summary: Get Plugin Logo
      description: Endpoint to retrieve the plugin logo.
      operationId: pluginLogo
          description: Successful response.
              example: "Binary data for image"

      summary: Plugin Manifest
      description: Endpoint to retrieve the plugin manifest in JSON format.
      operationId: pluginManifest
          description: Successful response.
              example: "{...}"

      summary: OpenAPI Specification
      description: Endpoint to retrieve the OpenAPI specification in YAML format.
      operationId: openapiSpec
          description: Successful response.
              example: "openapi: 3.0.1\ninfo: {...}"

      summary: Index Page
      description: Endpoint to retrieve the index page.
      operationId: indexPage
          description: Successful response.
              example: "<html>...</html>"

now copy the contents to openai.yaml

and edit the following fields to match your app's purpuse

super important!

change URL to the url of your app otherwise it will not run within chatgpt

example from my app

how to get the url

run the program

grab the url from the web view

https://<project>.<username> becomes


Make sure to edit

Key Ideas

  • example  create a ascii text art of 'banana', where ascii and text are included in the description
  • common bug is chatgpt doesnt call your plugin api because the responce "types: " dont have anything


full example from my app


❌INCORRECT! ive made the mistake a few times IMPORTANT TO ADD '/openapi.yaml' to the end

  "url": "",

✅this is correct

  "url": "",

Other fields

Add a description for the human

  "schema_version": "v1",
    "name_for_human": "___NAME_OF_PLUGIN_CANT_INCLUDE_WORD_CHATGPT__",
    "name_for_model": "___NAME_OF_PLUGIN_CANT_INCLUDE_WORD_CHATGPT__",


"schema_version": "v1",
    "description_for_human": "Utility for converting strings of text into ASCII fonts.",
    "description_for_model": "Utility for converting strings of text into ASCII fonts."

some examples:

  • "Utility for converting strings of text into ASCII fonts."
  • "Manage your TODO list. You can add, remove and view your TODOs."
  • "Plugin for managing a TODO list, you can add, remove and view your TODOs"

Key idea

  • Be short and concise, include words that the user will actually use, applies for both ai-plugin.json and openai.yaml

Lets do some development

after forking the replit repo hit 'run', if everything worked you should be ready

Go to

then click on plugins "beta" (last updated 20231001)

now click on the 🔽 arrow

scroll to bottom and click on 'plugins' store

now click on install develop your own plugin

Enter in the url from replit


the format: https://{PROJECTNAME}.{REPLIT_USERNAME}

replace "{project}" and "{username}" with your own projects url info

Wait its not working!


what this means is you didnt update openai.yaml to be the correct url

Keep doing this process until you get no more errors

common issues:

Yaml not formated correctly

how to fix it

copy paste openai.yaml into

Success looks like

that should fix the Erro yaml not formated correctly

Stick with it, this is the hard part to getting everything working

heres what success looks like

Click next

click Install for me

click continue

Click install plugin

You know it installed correctly when you have gotten

the app to popup in the plugins drop down.

disable it click the check box ✅to be unchecked ❎

How to Use your app

try prompting your app using its name in my case thats "figlet"

Figlet please convert "Im a gummy bear" to doom text

if everything worked. mostly likely not on the first try

heres what it should look like

|_   _|                                                         
  | | _ __ ___     __ _    __ _ _   _ _ __ ___  _ __ ___  _   _ 
  | || '_ ` _ \   / _` |  / _` | | | | '_ ` _ \| '_ ` _ \| | | |
 _| || | | | | | | (_| | | (_| | |_| | | | | | | | | | | | |_| |
 \___/_| |_| |_|  \__,_|  \__, |\__,_|_| |_| |_|_| |_| |_|\__, |
                           __/ |                           __/ |
                          |___/                           |___/ 
| |                    
| |__   ___  __ _ _ __ 
| '_ \ / _ \/ _` | '__|
| |_) |  __/ (_| | |   
|_.__/ \___|\__,_|_|   

if you click the 🔽arrow on the "used figlet" button, you will see what chatgpt did

in this case it made a GET http request to

with the data

  "text": "Im a gummy bear",
  "font": "doom"

and got back

  "ascii": " _____                                                          \n|_   _|                                                         \n  | | _ __ ___     __ _    __ _ _   _ _ __ ___  _ __ ___  _   _ \n  | || '_ ` _ \\   / _` |  / _` | | | | '_ ` _ \\| '_ ` _ \\| | | |\n _| || | | | | | | (_| | | (_| | |_| | | | | | | | | | | | |_| |\n \\___/_| |_| |_|  \\__,_|  \\__, |\\__,_|_| |_| |_|_| |_| |_|\\__, |\n                           __/ |                           __/ |\n                          |___/                           |___/ \n _                     \n| |                    \n| |__   ___  __ _ _ __ \n| '_ \\ / _ \\/ _` | '__|\n| |_) |  __/ (_| | |   \n|_.__/ \\___|\\__,_|_|   \n                       \n                       \n",
  "font": "doom",
  "help_message": "for the full list use 'list fonts'.Here are some example fonts. doom, graffiti, avatar, big, bulbhead, chunky, cybermedium, epic, graceful, small, double",
  "status": "success",
  "text": "Im a gummy bear"

example of it failing

❌"make it im a gummy bear" is a unclear and bad example

✅ "Figlet please convert "Im a gummy bear" to doom text"

is good because

  • Uses apps name "figlet"
  • give a action for the chatgpt to

TIP: you can tell the user 'heres a how to correctly prompt

description: The text to be converted, example fonts are doom, graffiti, avatar, big, bulbhead, chunky, cybermedium, epic, graceful, small, double this is located in openai.yaml

Difficult Issue that i ran into:

if your having issues getting gpt to send a api request and all your code is working its important to make sure to look at openai.yaml to make sure its accurate

if you dont have a operationID it chatgpt gets confused

also make sure description is super verbose.

"returns ascii text" bad do vegue, chatgpt uses this to see which api entpoint /text in this case to match against your users query

Convert text to ASCII art, accepted characters A to Z a to z 0 to 9  - and _

  • good because it clearly states what the `/text` endpoint does

note this is just the example code and does return ascii art

If your endpoint has parameters specify them in the openai.yaml spec

Tip: use chatgpt to do this part, and modify if it gets it wrong

Manually test your api

Example api request


text="Hello, World!"

example using my app for refernce

curl -X POST "${text}&font=${font}"

How to Submit your plugin

Unfortunately as of 20231001 you have to join the plugin developers wait list.

it took around a month for me to get approved. :/ but it was worth the wait! so be patient

step two is create your plugin

make sure its tested

has logs

doesnt crash

has santized input field (security)

from markupsafe import escape
txt = escape(txt)  # html escape
return re.sub('\s+', ' ', txt).strip()  # remove extra spaces & remove leading/trailing spaces

important note:

make sure the title of the app follows the rules => OpenAI Brand guidelines


CHATGPT, OPENAI, GPT or any other traid mark from the company

i got rejected first try for "FigletGPT"

Wording withing your app


  • Meowlytics powered by GPT-4
  • Meowlytics built on GPT-4
  • Meowlytics developed on GPT-4


  • Meowlytics with GPT-4
  • Meowlytics AI by OpenAI
  • ChatGPT for Meowlytics

Submit your app for approval

go to

click on 'plugin submission bot'

if the bot doesnt pop up, login

Click on submit a new plugin

click on Create ticket

FIll out the nessisary data


The most common reason plugins are rejected include:

  • using the word "plugin", "GPT", or "ChatGPT" in the plugin name or description
  • plugin name that is longer than 20 characters
  • submitting a broken plugin url AKA make sure your app is running for this time period
  • leave the app running
  • missing legal info URL or contact email

Brand rules are also important so have a read

Click create "ticket"

Success! You have submitted your ChatGPT Plugin!

Now the waiting...

should get a responce in around ~7 days. mine took 2 weeks

Issues i ran into Please add a valid legal info URL.


i used this website to create a quick terms and conditions page

Terms & Conditions Template - TermsFeed
A Terms and Conditions agreement is where you let the public know the terms, rules and guidelines for using your website or mobile app. They include topics such as acceptable use, restricted behavior and limitations of liability. This article will get…

mine looks like

Example if you forgot to remove 'plugin' from the name.

fix: redo the submittion process with correct information

What success looks like!

I got approved!

How to install your app

go into the plugin store and search for your app.


you can now brag to your friends about being a ML plugin devleoper!



Youtube tutorials that is helpful


Template Created by Wisehackermonkey



by oran collins

If you want to help me out and give some donations here's my monero address: 432ZNGoNLjTXZHz7UCJ8HLQQsRGDHXRRVLJi5yoqu719Mp31x4EQWKaQ9DCQ5p2FvjQ8mJSQHbD9WVmFNhctJsjkLVHpDEZ I use a tracker that is pravicy focused so if you block its cool, im big on blocking stuff on my own machine. im doing it to see if anyone is actualy reading my blog posts...:)